The Second Metropolitan of Tiruvalla

Mar Ivanios



           Joseph was born on 7 April 1894 at Anikdu near Mallappally, as the son of Oommen and Akkamma, in the Valakuzhy family.  Though his baptismal name was Joseph, he was popularly known as Eappachan.  He had his primary and middle school education at Mallappally.  He received the holy order of Korūyo from Metropolitan Pulikottil Joseph Mar Divannasios at the age of fifteen on 15 April 1909.  After his high school education, he joined the MD Seminary and continued his studies.  In 1912, he passed the matriculation exam in flying colours.  Although he joined a College in Trichinapoly for his higher studies, he discontinued and went to the University of Serampoor along with Fr. P.T. Geevarghese (MA Achan), who later became Archbishop Mar Ivanios, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy in 1916.

           Later, he worked as Headmaster of an elementary school and also as a missionary in Brahmavar.  In 1923, he was appointed as teacher of the MGM High School, Tiruvalla, where he was also the Boarding Master.  He was ordained priest by Metropolitan Mar Vattasseril at his own Pathikattu parish church on 8 January 1929.  He was conferred the sacred order of Remban on April 17 in 1932. Then he was appointed Manager of the Old Seminary, Kottayam. At the age of 39, Moran Mor Geevarghese Baselios Catholicos ordained Remban Joseph as Bishop of Niranam after the name Mar Severios on 25 May 1933, at the Bethany church, Tiruvalla. He administered the Eparchy staying at the Parumala Seminary.

           Though Mar Severios had a deep personal relationship with Metropolitan Mar Ivanios he was not in favour of the Re-union Movement.  In order to counteract the Re-union Movement he made a deep study of the history of the Church. This made him convinced of the truth that the Church founded by Jesus Christ is the Holy Catholic Church. On 29 November 1937, he made the profession of faith, in Trivandrum before Archbishop Mar Ivanios. He was appointed Administrator of the Eparchy of Tiruvalla on 20 November 1938.  When Mar Theophilos was made the Titular Bishop of Amedara by the Pope on 5 May 1950, Mar Severios was appointed Metropolitan of Tiruvalla. When Archbishop Mar Ivanios passed away on 15 July 1953 Mar Severios was the senior most bishop and the Holy See conferred on him the title ‘Archbishop’ in 1954. He passed away on 18 January 1955.

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